20 Jan 09

2008 in review: Advancing medicine in anesthesiology

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By J Eisenach, A Borgeat, Z Bosnjak, T Brennan, J Kersten, E Kochs, J Lerman, D Warner, J Wiener-Kronish

Anesthesiology 2008;109:962-972

Welcome to the 2008 year in review, highlighting articles that the Editorial Board believes exemplify the mission of Anesthesiology, to advance the science and practice of perioperative, critical care, and pain medicine through the promotion of seminal discovery. Our goals are to remind you of articles that may change your clinical practice today, to help you better understand the scientific basis of current practice, and to provide glimpses into the future. We recognize how busy you are and hope these brief synopses guide you to new and relevant information.

The full-text on-line articles are a click away at our newly redesigned Web site-www.anesthesiology.org -described more fully in an editorial in this issue.1 In addition to the synopses chronicled in this review, the Anesthesiology Web site now offers new functionality, such as most viewed or most in the press, that will also help you to determine the most relevant and important content for your practice and research. Two thousand eight is the first full calendar year during which content is regularly highlighted through the American Society of Anesthesiologists Press Release office, and the press release program has met with remarkable success. Throughout the year, several news releases were picked up by more than 1,000 news outlets, including nearly all the major news media entities. As Editors, we are very excited about the public interest in research and other content published in the Journal because press interest stresses the critically important medical advances in our specialty and offers well-deserved recognition to the outstanding authors who publish with us.

This year saw the reorganization of our Table of Contents into the three major medical branches of our specialty: perioperative, critical care, and pain medicine. Although we could have organized these synopses into these three areas, we chose to provide a more clinically focused approach. As such, the first six articles address preoperative assessment; the next eight articles address intraoperative care, and the final four articles address postoperative and critical care.

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