20 Jun 12

Anaesthesia for laparoscopic surgery

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By  P Hayden and  S Cowman

Contin Educ Anaesth Crit Care Pain 2011;11:177-180

Laparoscopic techniques offer major benefits to the patient such as minimized incision size and trauma with reduced postoperative discomfort, shortened recovery rates, and a lower incidence of postoperative wound infections. These factors all contribute to shorter in-patient stay and reduced perioperative morbidity. Consequently, many major procedures that once required prolonged postoperative recovery such as anterior resection of the rectum or radical cystectomy are now increasingly performed using laparoscopic techniques to improve patient outcomes.1

However, laparoscopic surgery is not without its own specific risks, either due to the risks associated with individual laparoscopic techniques or due to the physiological changes associated with the creation of a pneumoperitoneum. As a result, anaesthetic techniques for laparoscopic surgery must be refined to anticipate these differences from open surgery.

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