I am a Consultant Anaesthetist at Kettering General Hospital, Kettering, UK.

I have changed the design and content of my home page so it looks like a blog. The reason for that was to have a quick and readily available access to latest researches and publications. I, like others read journals, books quite frequently, so there are lots of informations to take, but when one of them is needed precisely, occasionally it takes a long time to find it. Therefore I set up this system to record and categorise informations, so it could be looked up when needed.

The site is updated when I find something interesting, but you can also leave a post if you wish. You can also keep yourself updated by using RSS. Just click to the RSS link found in the right sidebar.

I have kept few of the Hungarian pages from my previous site, for the benefit of my ex-colleagues, and to pay a tribute to my late father.

Special thanks and credit to my son, Balazs, for hosting the site and helping lot in PHP scripts.

I am happy to hear your comments.