21 Aug 07

Etomidate use in severe sepsis and septic shock may contribute to relative adrenal insufficiency but not mortality

Posted in Adrenal insufficiency, Sepsis at 18:02 by Laci

By M Mullen, T Ellis, J Marcelin, V Mangolds, K Przyklenk

Acad Emerg Med 2007;14:S187-S188

Recent literature suggests that etomidate use in severe sepsis/septic shock patients leads to relative adrenal insufficiency. We hypothesize that etomidate does not contribute to adrenal insufficiency or mortality in this opulation.

Etomidate use may lead to an increase incidence of adrenal insufficiency in intubated severe sepsis/septic shock patients. However, this risk of adrenal insufficiency was not associated with increased mortality.

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